• SUMO has received funding from the ATTRACT project funded by the EC under
    Grant Agreement 777222;
    in the domain of Sensors

Quantum Nanophysics @ University of Vienna ( UNIVIE )


PI: Univ. Prof. Dr. Markus Arndt      
Co-PI: Dr. Philipp Geyer

UNIVIE will develop the biomolecular beam methods and a cryogenic interface for the superconducting nanowire detector for charged biopolymers. UNIVIE has been involved in molecular quantum optics, advanced neutral beam methods and specialized mass spectrometry for the last twenty years. UNIVIE was also able to demonstrate the detection of neutral molecules using a superconducting nanowire detector in 2009 [1] and now joins forces with SQ Delft to deliver a well-characterized, sensitive, reliable detector elements for singly charged biopolymers.

[1] M. Marksteiner, A. Divochiy, M. Sclafani, P. Haslinger, H. Ulbricht, A. Korneev, A. Semenov, G. Gol'tsman, M. Arndt, A superconducting NbN detector for neutral nanoparticles, Nanotechnology 20, 455501 (2009).

Single Quantum, Delft ( SQ )


PI: Dr. Andreas Fognini

SQ is the market leader in the emerging field of superconducting single photon detectors. The company was created in 2012 as a spin-off of Delft University of Technology. SQ designs, builds and commercializes single-photon detection systems based on superconducting nanowires. Since its start, the company has built a track record in entrepreneurship, high quality manufacture, innovation and engineering. SQ photon detection systems have already been installed in universities, research institutes and industrial research labs all around the globe. A strong market pull for this emerging technology, reflected in a continuously growing turnover that more than doubled every year since 2013. SQ is growing its team with highly specialized employees, currently 18 FTE, and investments in technical equipment and production facilities. In order to accelerate further growth, SQ has been awarded the very prestigious SME instrument phase 2 grant from the European Commission, that is supporting disruptive innovation in small businesses that have significant growth potential and global ambitions. In addition, SQ is participating in the EU Quantum Flagship to boost quantum technology and realize its application in society. In SUMO, Single Quantum is responsible for the design and fabrication of superconducting nanowire detectors and their optimization towards massive particles.